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In case you’ve noticed, the Troco do Café blog was a little bit missing. We didn’t post for a while, then it just disappeared for a few days and here we are again. For those who like the Highlander saga and enjoy coffee blog, continue to find out what happened to our beloved blog.

Super Fan of the Highlander Saga but never saw them drinking coffee

I was going to start telling the latest adventures of the blog Troco do Café, but in order of hierarchy, more than deserved, I will start with Highlander.
This saga is a true classic of the 80’s, I liked it a lot when I watched it back then, but I confess that I became a bigger fan when I revisited these movies during the pandemic. The saga is composed of 6 epic movies in which the main character is a Scotsman named Connor Mcleod and every movie other warriors like him try to kill him, but movie after movie he always survives. The soundtrack is amazing. In the first movie the first time it plays “Who wants to live forever” by Queen I always repeat it about 300 times hahaha. Who is from that time knows the expression “wow, he is a highlander” used for those persistent people who never die. When the Troco do Café blog came back this is exactly what I thought, this blog is Highlander!

The Saga of the Troco do Café Blog

The Troco do Café blog was born in 2016, at that time specialty coffee and other ways to prepare your coffee was no man’s land. If today you find coffee beans, medium roast coffee, specialty coffee, and a wide variety of coffee brands on supermarket shelves, my friend, if you pull from memory in 2016 there was a variety of about 2 brands of coffee with the blackest and “strong” roast possible.
The Troco do Café blog was born exactly at that time and was one of the first blogs to bring a large amount of information about quality coffee and the best and coolest ways to prepare it.
With this we had a lot of content on the first page of google searches, a lot of people entering every day and even more people coming back to follow and learn from the posts. Let’s have some coffee!
Since then many things have happened, many revolutions in the area of quality coffee, but also many changes in people’s lives, and we at Troco do Café, which is made up of people, were also impacted.

Troco do Café blog goes to the defribilator

It had everything: change of job, change in the family, pandemic, change of focus, change in the economy. Really, everything.
And the blog was put aside until one day it literally disappeared from the internet. A blog that disappears from the internet is like a person without life.
In the meantime, I was unpretentiously having coffee and a caramel bar with a good friend and Troco do Café blog enthusiast.
After two full-bodied espressos and two caramel bars my friend asks me about the blog, and my answer is, gee, I think it went offline these days, the hosting expired and I’m involved with so many things that I’m going to put it aside.

Coffee Enthusiasts

The enthusiast will always be an enthusiast, just like you guys who came back here to check on us to see if we were okay!
Did I ever tell you that this friend is an IT guy, super nerd, super reader of different types of blogs, super with the dream of one day having a blog?
He lives in the Netherlands and since he is spending a few days in Belo Horizonte he soon took it upon himself to invite me for a coffee so we could catch up and meet again after such a long time. We usually only see each other at Christmas time, year after year.
Not much time went by and that unpretentious coffee was the perfect meeting for my nerdy coffee enthusiast friend and Troco do Café blog to fulfill his dream of having a blog. And I, a much less nerdy surfer engineer and eager to get back to writing, reactivated that dream that had recently borne so much fruit.

Troco do Café blog returns with lighter texts and a nerd piloting the background

Even with the blog offline, in the days before that meeting I already had a thousand new subjects in mind that I could write about. Things that happen on a daily basis that would make a good post, you know. And my friend had free time to search, dig and discover all the tricks to have a fast, modern, automated blog and solve all the possible problems that occur when your wordpress is not updated correctly.
Well, here we are! We resurrect, or never die, like Connor Mcleod from Highlander.
This is not the first post I wrote after we resumed the blog, but it is the first to go live, ten days after our meeting.
I hope that you will continue to follow our content! And that you were happy with our resumption! If anyone sees Mcleod from Highlander drinking coffee in any of the movies! Take a picture and send it to us!
Greetings caffeinated!
Greetings from the Troco do Café Blog!

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